Equipment List

Warren Compost Spreader

Warren Compost Spreader---hardly used --92" wide by 14' long (...)

Flory 1280 Conveyor Cart

Flory 1280 conveyor cart with Walnut chain very good conditi (...)

Flory Super Carts

Two Flory 1180 super carts with augers excellent condition-- (...)

SOLD--- Collins de - sticker

Collins d sticker with new green paint job that match Wizard (...)

Herbst super dump cart

Herbst dump cart high capacity with d sticker and stick box (...)

SOLD---Flory Super Carts

3 Flory 1180 single axle with augers $4500 each

SOLD--- Jack Rabbit Stick Jack

Like new Jackrabbit Stick Jack hardly used

SOLD--- Jack Rabbit Conveyor Cart

Jackrabbit wedge 10 conveyor cart with almond chains very go (...)

SOLD---Jack Rabbit Jack Cart

Late model Jack Rabbit Jack Cart in excellent condition

Baker Nut Carts

Baker Nut Carts----3--bottom dump------in excellent condi (...)

Jack Rabbit Pecan Conveyor Cart

Jack Rabbit Pecan Conveyor Cart with Herbst de-sticker an (...)