SOLD---FMC Shaker $15000.00

1985 FMC 4300 Shaker with 729 head and John Deere diesel-------selling as open cab-----but with a couple of windows and charge AC could be air-cab-------also has all sweeper brackets but only 3 sweepers-----runs good and shakes-----

SOLD---OMC Shaker $20000.00

1989 OMC Shock Wave Mono Boom Shaker with air-cab , wheel sweeps and John Deere diesel-------------one owner---------

SOLD---FMC Shaker $22000.00

1990 FMC 4300 air-cab shaker with auto-rotary wheel sweepes and John Deere diesel------------------2900 hours----excellent condition!

SOLD---Orchard Rite Shaker $40000.00

2001  Orchard-Rite Mono-Boom shaker with air cab, auto wheel sweepes, John Deere 6.8L diesel------runs great--for price

OMC Shaker $2500.00

selling for parts----------big --big job to get runing------would be good if someone had a 3 point modle and wanted to up-grade it--------1981 OMC mono-boom shaker with John Deere diesel that doesn't run with rotary sweepes------------needs complete rebuilding , parts missing, ---does come with sissior head----selling just for the price of a used set of rotary sweepes----